Apple Releases Public Beta 5 Of iOS 13 And tvOS 13, As iOS 12 Reaches 88% Adoption

Apple today released the fifth public beta of iOS 13 and iPadOS, a week after it seeded the fourth beta release. Yesterday, Apple issued the sixth developer beta for iOS 13 and iPadOS. Also on the way is the tvOS 13 fifth public beta. For those who enrolled in Apple's beta program shall download the beta update on your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV by going to Settings - General - Software Updates.

The sixth developer beta of iOS 13 that Apple released yesterday should be corresponding to the fifth public beta, so everything new in developer beta 6 can also be found in public beta 5. Here is a list of features and changes so far discovered in beta 6:
  • New Dark Mode toggle in Control Center, whereas previously only accessible through the brightness slider
  • App Folders' transparency changed, now pretty closely match the color of your wallpapers
  • LTE and 4G icon in the status bar have shrunk to its normal size, sadly.
  • New Splash screen for App Store and Photos app
  • New Bluetooth Permission Popup, which warns you if an app is using Bluetooth to find the devices or locate where you are.
  • You can now Hide Link Previews when 3D Touching on a link on a website
Meanwhile, Apple has also updated the iOS adoption statistics today, and every few months it updates the stats based on the App Store data. At present, 88 percent of all iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices have been updated to iOS 12. If you only count iOS devices launched in the last 4 years, the rate is just as high as 90 percent.

In addition to iOS 12, there is still 7 percent running iOS 11, 5 percent running previous versions of iOS. At the end of May this year, 85 percent of machines were running iOS 12, which implies that iOS 12's popularity has risen by 3 percent over the previous few months. The latest version of iOS 12.4 is the final build for iOS 12, as Apple will launch iOS 13 next month.

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