Apple Rolls Out "Web Answers" Spotlight Search Feature For US Users

According to Reddit users, Apple is making an improvement to the Spotlight Search feature, which it can now give answers directly after users enter certain questions, rather than listing various web results.

The answer will indicate the source of the website, and will include the "Report a Concern" button, so that if the user feels that the response is incorrect, he or she can tap the report button, something equivalent to Google's Knowledge Graphs, where you can tap the "Feedback" button to report an error.

For instance, type "how high is Mount Everest", you should see a response from The Sun, telling you that it reaches a height of 29,029 ft.

We all probably recognize that if Siri can't answer your query, it will say, "here is what I found on the internet." However, since the debut of iOS 11 in 2017, Apple has been gathering data from Wikipedia and other internet sources to guarantee that Siri can answer more complicated questions.

Nevertheless, the feature, called "Web Answers to Spotlight Search on iOS" is currently only available to US users.

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