Apple Watch Series 5 Will Come In Both Titanium And Ceramic Cases

New assets found in watchOS 6 and uncovered by the iHelpBR blog shows that the next-generation Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 5, will include both titanium and ceramic cases.

As we can see from the assets, it clearly depicts the model type 44mm and words "Designed by Apple in California," and it appears it belongs to the initial Apple Watch setup screen animation.

Ming-Chi Kuo said in a report at the start of the year that Apple would introduce a "new ceramic casing design" to its Apple Watch lineup, and surely these assets back up that claim. And just yesterday, Kuo made a prediction that Apple Watch Series 5 is also likely to feature OLED display from Japan Display.

Apple has offered Apple Watch models with a ceramic case, they first introduced ceramic Apple Watch models with Series 2, which sells for $1,299, and it continued offering when the Series 3 came out, but the Series 4 released last year does not offer a ceramic case.

As for the titanium casing, it's the first time that Apple would use such material on an Apple Watch, but they did use it on the Apple Card, so perhaps Apple thought that it's about time for titanium to make a return.

We are not clear if Apple will still offer the stainless steel casing, but we shall find out pretty soon as the Cupertino firm will host its fall product launch event on September 10th.

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