iCloud Beta Website Gets Revamped Ahead of September Update

The new iCloud beta website has a major design change and a new look at the Reminders app. There’s a new login method that lets you log in with your Apple ID via Face ID and Touch ID on your iPhone, a minimalist and simple design interface and a section for iCloud account settings.

There are also some minor design changes in the beta iCloud website, which includes smaller icons and a profile photo of your Apple ID. There’s also a “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening” welcome message with your name on it. The interface is now in a simple, plain white background. All of the beta iCloud applications are the same as the regular iCloud website. Still, there is no Find My apps on the iCloud beta website, just the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends in separate apps.

Finally, we already know earlier that the Reminders app on the iCloud beta website has been updated to match the iOS 13 and macOS Catalina Reminders app design. This allows users to add and manage reminders in a more organized way.

The new, official iCloud website will be launching next month this September when iOS 13 officially launched to the public. We can’t wait for the major iOS 13 updates to come out to every iPhone user in the world.

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