iOS 13.1 Beta 1 Changes and Features!

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Apple has released an unusual version of the iOS 13 beta. It’s called the iOS 13.1 beta and it has lots of major changes and features. The name isn’t a typo, meaning that the update is a special sneak peek at an iOS 13 update that’s coming later this year. Let’s take a look at what iOS 13.1 beta has to offer amongst the regular iOS 13 beta updates.

To begin with, iOS 13.1 beta is the first iOS 13.x beta to roll out during the summer and right before the iOS 13 public release. The company wants beta testers to check out more major changes from the minor changes commonly found in regular iOS 13 beta versions. This consists of the new Dynamic wallpapers available on all iPhones, AirPods icons on volume indicators, the return of Shortcuts automations and many more.

Firstly, many of the big features in iOS 13 has came back in the iOS 13.1 beta. The Share ETA feature returns to Maps and the Automations feature in Siri Shortcuts comes back after a month long absence. These were the features we liked in the iOS 13 beta testing season and we’re glad that they are back.

Secondly, some icons have been changed in this iOS beta version. When you connect your AirPods to your iPhone, the volume bar icon changes to an AirPods icon. This helps you distinguish between your iPhone’s audio sources from iPhone speakers and AirPods. But, you still see the regular volume icon on the volume slider in Control Center. The Home app gets more detailed icons so you can view all of your smart home devices in a more specific way. Developers, if you are installing apps via TestFlight, you’ll also get a yellow dot next to the app name in the home screen. This helps you distinguish between the apps you installed from the App Store and TestFlight.

Thirdly, if you wear an Apple Watch, then we have two more changes related to the iOS 13.1 beta. In the Apple Watch app, Display and Text Size is renamed back to Display and brightness. Also, the Nike+ Run Club app is now just Nike Run Club, as Apple’s collaboration with Nike is giving the app a simpler branding name.

Lastly, the minor changes in iOS 13.1 beta include improvements in wireless mouse support in both iPadOS and iOS 13 beta and the addition of HEVC video encoding. Apple Maps now displays a confirmation message when you try to delete a collection from the app.

The iOS 13 beta testing season is coming to an end next month, which means that we should get the early release of the public iOS 13 version in September. We have already seen more bug squashing, changes and finalisations since the second iOS 13 developer beta and beyond. We have been reporting every issue we encounter in the iOS betas to help Apple make the iOS software better than ever. As of always, thank you to all of our developers and iOS beta testers for making the best out of the next iOS 13 version. We look forward to another fun summer of beta testing iOS 14 next year!

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