iPhone XI Rumoured to Come With Apple Pencil Support

Photo via MacRumors
The next iPhone XI could get Apple Pencil support later this year, according to rumors shared by Citi Research. This was the second time that there were predictions about Apple Pencil support in an iPhone, which was first brought up by Economic Daily News back in last August. But the rumor of the iPhone XS comes with Apple Pencil support has not been true.

In terms of Apple’s fiscal 3rd quarter report, Citi has found out many points that give us a clue about the Apple Pencil support on iPhone. They find out that it is a rare feature that doesn’t appear in iPhone reports as much, so they added the feature into their list of iPhone XI rumors. Although it is an unpopular feature for the next iPhone models, as the stylus is marketed for most of the iPad models.

The reason why adding Apple Pencil support to the iPhone is not an ideal thing is that it defeats the purpose of the Cupertino firm’s motivation to eliminate the stylus over the touchscreen. The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs criticized the stylus and the iPhone, stating that nobody does want a stylus with an iPhone.

All in all, Citi Research has been adding features to the list of predicted iPhone XI features since a few months ago. The company added rumors such as a bezel-less Super Retina display, triple cameras and larger capacities in batteries. They also added the pricing rules of the 2019 iPhone models to be the same as the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR, coming in $999, $1,099 and $749 in starting prices.

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