This Lightning Cable Let Hackers To Remotely Access Your Computer

According to the Motherboard report, MG, a security researcher, developed a lightning cable that allows hackers to remotely access your computer. The cable in question (called the O.MG cable) was purchased directly from Apple and implanted with other components, but the modifications were undetectable and there was no way to distinguish between hacker cables and original cables.

When plugged into a target computer, the cable behaves like a regular cable, connected to an iOS device and let it be charged, except it also allows a hacker to remotely connect to the computer to run commands. The cable carries scripts and commands that the hacker can run on the victim's machine, as well as tools for "killing" the USB implant, hiding the evidence of its existence.

MG believes that the cable can be replaced or given to someone because it resembles the same as a regular cable and comes in precise packaging. These cables are handmade and priced at $200, but MG is working with a company to produce it as a legitimate security tool.

It is unclear whether the hacker has any defensive measures, but these cables are exceedingly expensive and currently have limited availability. So it tells us that you should always buy cables directly from Apple and don't accept anyone's free cables. Apple may also be developing solutions after the company introduced a USB Restriction Mode, which directly led to the failure of various crack tools.

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