AirPower May Return In The Future, As Apple Files New Patent For The Technology

AirPower, Apple's ultimate wireless charging solution that the company decided to abandon in March, due to difficulties in production, engineering, and manufacturing process. However, such product may just return in the future, as seen in the recent patent it applied, which shows an upgraded version of the AirPower technology.

With the patent number of 10,396,578, also has the same description as the last applied patent, it's a Qi wireless charging mat that can be used for wirelessly charging multi-devices simultaneously. In particular, it describes an electronic device with a receiver coil and a rectifier circuit for the generation of the current (C) wireless alternating energy of a coil in a wireless pad next to the receiver coil. The rectifier converts the AC power received into the direct current energy (DC).

Here is an abstract from the patent application:
A wireless charging system may include a wireless power transmitting device that receives multiple wireless power receiving devices. A primary power receiving device that is used to display battery charge status information for other power receiving devices on the power transmitting device may be referred to as a hero device. The other wireless power receiving devices may be referred to as paired devices.

When a paired device is added to a wireless power transmitting device where a hero device is already present, the hero device may verify that the paired device is on the same mat as the hero device. The hero device and paired device may then synchronously output a user notification. When a paired device is present on a wireless power transmitting device, the paired device may send battery charge status information to the wireless power transmitting device at predetermined intervals.
This is certainly a piece of exciting news for many users who still interested in this product, nonetheless, it's unclear when will Apple will release this accessory or how much it will cost, but we're at least know that Apple still hasn't given up on this project just yet.

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