Aluminum Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 Models Recalled For Glass Breakage

Image via Apple 
Last weekend, Apple issued a recall about the Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 screen breakage. It says that all of the aluminium Apple Watch Series 2-3 models can easily get fractured on a corner of the screen, then continuing over the whole perimeter of the screen’s curved edge. This problem can be caused regardless if the watch is dropped or not. These devices include Apple Watch Series 2 aluminum models sold from September 2016 to 2017 and Series 3 aluminum models sold from September 2017 to September 2019.

The Ion-X Glass on the aluminum Series 2 and 3 Apple Watch models are susceptible to crack easily. With or without any impact to the Apple Watch, the screen can crack from a hairline to the whole perimeter.

In the pictures shown above, the Apple Watch display can start cracking from the bottom right of the screen, then extending to around the screen edges. This results from the aluminum model Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 screen composition being much thinner and more brittle, which may be causing the screen to crack easily around the rounded edges. The stainless steel and ceramic Apple Watch Series 2 and 3 models are not affected by this recall as the screen is made out of sapphire crystal, not Ion-X Glass. This type of glass is stronger and harder to crack than the aforementioned ones used in the aluminum models.

If your Apple Watch is affected by this recall, please go to Apple’s webpage here. Take your Apple Watch to the Genius Bar or mail it into an Apple Repair Center. Your watch should return back to your home from 5 days to a week.

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