Apple Considers iMessage Scheduling Feature; Lyrics Visualizer Coming To iOS 13.1

We've previously shared an article on how to schedule to send Message on iOS 12 with Siri Shortcuts, however, it includes a few limitation such as Background App Refresh needs to be enabled and can't run any Shortcuts during the period. Therefore, it could be a better experience if Apple would just added such feature natively...

Well, a Reddit user contacted Craig Federighi about this feature request and received a thorough reply about how they will consider it:
Hi John, This is something we've definitely considered (and something we continue to consider)...

Of course, it does come with a bunch of complexity:
- HOW to represent unsent messages
- Support for deleting and editing pending messages
- What to do someone sends you a message when you have outgoing messages pending (i.e. do you blast them back With the pending messages?)

And of course the social concern that we may end up sending the messages at a time that you are not available to respond to any replies that come back — this could be confusing for the person who is under the impression that you must be at the ready on your phone, since you just sent them a message.


- craig
In addition, Apple introduced a feature that will show time-synced lyrics when a music plays, in which Craig also touched on the basis of bringing the lyrics visualizer to the Now Playing screen in the Music app, he claims there were issues at first with battery life and CPU usage, but they've been smoothed out and be ready for you fingers to be crossed as the feature will come with iOS 13.1.

Image Via iMore

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