How To Install watchOS 6 On Your Apple Watch

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watchOS 6 is here already, with many great features from several new watch faces, the Noise app and more independent features that don’t require an Apple Watch to rely on its paired iPhone. For example, watchOS 6 adds in the App Store for the Apple Watch and many of the settings that used to be only customizable in the iPhone app, such as accessibility and Siri settings. In light of the health features that are added to watchOS 6, the Activity app now has Trends to give users an outlook on their activity over the past 3 months. For those who are female Apple Watch wearers, Cycle Tracking also keeps track of menstrual cycles and periods, right on your wrist. Now the Apple Watch gets the Noise app, which measures decibels and makes sure the noise level isn’t too loud. Apple added new watch faces that accommodates more complications, from Modular Compact, California, Numerals and the Solar Dial, which only supports the latest Series 4 and 5 models. Apple is now making the Apple Watch more independent, intuitive and customizable, conveying that it lessens the need to rely on the paired iPhone to do many things. Apple is also innovating more into the health features of the Apple Watch by implementing two new categories in HealthKit, which includes hearing health and menstrual tracking. Without these features, we wouldn’t know when we’re not moving as much, when our next period starts and when the noise levels are too high.

Aside from all of these features watchOS 6 has to offer, it’s installation time. Get your iPhone and your Apple Watch ready for the update, because you still need to rely on your iPhone to update watchOS until the initial watchOS 6 updates are done. The watchOS update is available for Apple Watch Series 1 or later, although the Cupertino firm only allows watchOS 6 updates to be installed on Series 3 or later devices right now. If you have a Series 2 or 1, you have to wait until next month, or if you want the new update right now, then you can only install the watchOS 6 betas right now.

To start the update process off, connect your iPhone to WiFi. Make sure that both devices are charged at least 50% or charging from a power source. In addition to installing watchOS 6, iOS 13 must be installed on your iPhone, otherwise, the update won’t appear in the app.

Next, unlock your iPhone and head to the Apple Watch app. Go to General and tap on Software Update. Then the watchOS 6 updates should appear on the iPhone screen, with an option to download and install the update. Tap on the button to download the update and keep your Apple Watch next to the iPhone at all times, including the Apple Watch app staying open on your iPhone.

Third, place your Apple Watch on the charger and next to the iPhone. The update is now downloaded and ready to install watchOS 6. Make sure to keep the Apple Watch app open on iPhone and the watch next to it until the update is done. The update should take about 5-60 minutes, depending on WiFi connectivity speed. After the update, you can enjoy the features in watchOS 6, on your wrist.

Therefore, after your Apple Watch is on watchOS 6, you can now update the software without using your iPhone. Connect your Apple Watch to WiFi, go to Settings then to General and tap on Software Update. Then tap on the Download and Install button and wait for your Apple Watch to update from 5 minutes to an hour. On the other hand, watchOS 6 makes your watch more independent and more fun than ever.

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