iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Apple Watch Series 5 Preorders Are Now Shipping From China to the US

Image via CNET
Today, the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Apple Watch Series 5 preorders have started shipping out of the factories. Customers who ordered the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pros and Apple Watch Series 5 last weekend should get their devices delivered by this Friday, September 20th. But, Apple hasn’t been updating the order system for iPhone deliveries yet, which means that the order statuses will still display Preparing to Ship.

Customers who preordered the iPhone 11 or the Apple Watch Series 5 can also track their package via UPS My Choice if the devices are shipped via UPS. This app can track down your iPhone and Apple Watch shipments via reference numbers and phone number used to order the iPhone. This app is free and is a great way to track your Apple online orders more closely.

All iPhone and Apple Watch preorders are coming from China and then arriving in the United States. These iPhones are already shipped from Shengzhou, China but there are no tracking details available. The delivery date is set as tentative, which means that the delivery dates may be on or after September 20th. If you preordered on Friday or on Saturday morning last weekend, your iPhone 11 or your Apple Watch Series 5 will most likely arrive this Friday, September 20th.

All in all, the Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro colour has been selling out so quickly that they are no longer in stock temporarily. Even if customers preordered the green iPhone 11 Pro early in the weekend, they will have to end up getting it a few days after September 20th. Apple is trying to ship all of the new products by this Friday or earlier as guaranteed, as some people may get their iPhones in October instead. If you have not ordered your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or your Apple Watch Series 5 online yet, you can go to the Apple Store this Friday and pick it up in there. Please note that the stores will open 2 hours earlier at 8 am and stock is limited. It may be crowded, but it’s best to come in early!

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