iPhone 11 Pro Durability, Cinematic and Photographic Test Videos Showcase Apple's New Phone Unique Features

Photo via Apple 
From a week ahead of the iPhone 11 Pro’s official release, Apple has released videos of the durability, camera and cinematic assessments used to demonstrate how much the iPhone 11 Pro can resist from impact and the quality of its triple camera system. The iPhone 11 Pro has started preorders yesterday and Apple has published these videos to inform viewers on how this robust iPhone can push to the limits.

The first video, named “iPhone 11: It’s tough out there,” portrays the durability tests Apple has done to the iPhone 11 Pro. The video consists of toys, rubber duckies, a wedding cake, tools, flowers, vegetables, bread, fruit and water being poured into the iPhone in the testing room. Apple is using these objects to evaluate the iPhone’s ability to withstand these objects and to assess the durability of the iPhone. As a result, none of these objects have damaged the iPhone 11 Pro in the demonstration room despite not having a drop test involved in the video clip. This does not mean that users shouldn’t put a case on the iPhone 11 Pro to keep it intact, as it cannot be hardy to everything it comes into contact with the iPhone, including hard objects such as bullets.

Next, Apple published another video clip of the iPhone 11 Pro’s camera abilities. The triple cameras consist of an ultra-wide lens that has an f/2.4 aperture, 130 degree angle field of view and a 13mm focal point, a wide lens with a focal point of 26mm, f/1.8 aperture, 100% Focus Pixels and a 6-element lens and a telephoto camera with a focal point of 52mm, a vast f/2.0 aperture, optical image stabilisation and twice the optical zoom. The video reflects on the iPhone 11 Pro utilizing these camera features to capture some pictures of a dog in a wind simulator in different focal lengths. The iPhone also takes a picture of the dog in a low-light setting to demonstrate the Night Mode feature. Apple is using these features in the camera to prove that the iPhone 11 Pro has the greatest camera ever in an iPhone, by showing as much detail and scenery that the iPhone can capture.

In the last video, Apple added some video clips recorded from the iPhone 11 Pro’s triple cameras. The iPhone 11 Pro has many great features that are ideal for filmings, such as the wider field of view, 4K and 60 FPS video, Audio Zoom and cinematic video stabilization. These clips include several blacks and white contrast scenes, a rainy day at a movie theatre and children running through colorful curtains. Apple is using these camera features to prove that an iPhone is also a perfect camera for video production and filmmaking by demonstrating it in different scenes and settings.

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