iPhone 11 Teardown Criticises The iPhone 11 Pro’s Features In An Upgraded iPhone XR

Image via iFixit
iPhone repair website iFixit published another iPhone 11 tear down article on their website. The iPhone 11 is the successor of last year’s iPhone XR, with the iPhone 11 Pro’s components inherited to the iPhone. The iPhone 11 comes with a dual camera system, double decker logic boards and an embedded antenna in the casing.

In addition, the repair company also discovered a 7% larger battery than the iPhone XR, which proves Apple’s claim on the extra hour of battery in the iPhone 11. The Liquid Retina display is the same as the previous iPhone XR, with the screen being easier to replace and with its same counterparts in its components. On the other side, if the screen is replaced with non-Apple displays, then the True Tone display feature can become disabled.

Next, iFixit says that there is only one connector in the iPhone 11’s battery module, which two of the battery cables are used for its unannounced bilateral charging. The sensors used for the wide and ultra wide cameras are the same in spite of the camera sensors used in the iPhone 11 Pro‘s triple camera system. This consists of faster shutter speed, wider ISO range and Night Mode capturing. Electromagnetic components in the wide angle camera sensor adds in optical image stabilisation and the TrueDepth camera flex cables are no longer connected underneath the battery. This makes the iPhone 11 slightly easier to repair without all of these connectors in the way.

Last, the only things iFixit noted about its repairability score is that the iPhone 11 still opens up with adhesive, which is used as a rubber gasket to prevent water from getting to the iPhone’s internals. They suggested that Apple should make the iPhone open up with just screws, but it can defeat the point of the water resistance rating in the iPhone. In addition, the easiest to repair parts on the iPhone 11 includes the display and the TrueDepth camera. The display is easier to get replaced because there’s less components to swap out, which doesn’t render the functionality of Face ID. Thus, the company reflects the iPhone 11’s repairability level as a 6/10, which has a neutral difficulty level.

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