Kuo: iPhone 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max Accounts 55% Of Pre-Orders, "Better Than Last Year"

Respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has recently issued two research reports that focused on the sale estimates of Apple's new smartphone lineups: iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. In the two reports, Kuo noted that there's a high demand for the high-end iPhones, the Pro models, to be more specific, both 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max accounted for 55% of pre-orders, suggesting the lower-end iPhone 11 has only accounted 45% of pre-orders.

The shipping times of midnight green iPhone 11 Pro, green iPhone 11, and purple iPhone 11 are all two–three weeks or longer. The shipping times of other colors are roughly shorter than ten days. It should be noted that the glass casings of midnight green models are currently facing production issues; therefore, it makes the shipping time longer.
Kuo acknowledged that shipments of high-end OLED display models are "better than last year," and it's primarily due to Apple's push to monthly installment payments like the iPhone upgrade program let more customers to go for a higher-priced model because the price of more than $999 would now cost as less as $599 when users choose to trade-in their current smartphones.

Furthermore, Kuo says that iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max sees a higher demand in the US, while the LCD iPhone 11 is much popular in China than in the US. For example, Chinese retail giant JD reported that iPhone pre-orders has increased by 480% year-on-year. Therefore, as a result, Kuo is forecasting that the iPhone 11 shipments will reach to 70–75 million units in 2019 as opposed to previous 65–70 million units.

Apple's latest iPhone series, the 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max were announced last Tuesday. Both the 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max features triple-lens rear cameras that brings Night Mode, Multi-Cam Simultaneous Recording, and more. While the the lower-cost iPhone 11 series only include the dual-lens rear camera. However, together all three received a number of upgrades such an A13 Bionic chip, an improved 12MP front-facing camera that let you take slo-mo videos for the first time, and Dolby Atmos sound.

iPhone 11 starts at just $699, 50 bucks cheaper than its predecessor, whereas iPhone 11 Pro will set you back at $999 and iPhone 11 Pro Max will available for $1,099.

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