The Libra Keyboard Brings A Trackpad To Your iPad Pro For The First Time

For many years, iPad users have been hoping to use an external keyboard with a built-in touchpad, but iOS does not support the mouse and external touch control panel, so the external keyboard, including Apple's own, has a pure typing feature. All this has altered since the iPadOS was introduced, one of the best features that the operating system includes is the support for mouse and trackpad via the Bluetooth, USB-C or Lightning connector.

As a result, accessories maker saw business opportunities and they started making iPad keyboards with touch capabilities. New item from Sentis—Libra iPad Pro keyboard has recently been revealed, enabling us to see the ideal appliance that turns the iPad Pro into a MacBook, or at least a MacBook-like experience.
As iPad enthusiasts ourselves, we were well aware of the complaints that users have regarding the difficulty and inefficiencies of typing on a virtual keyboard. With the release of the iPad OS, we knew that we could elevate the typing experience for iPad and at the same time addessential features that would deliver a more MacBook-like experience for users. Libra does just that, making the iPad more enjoyable, versatile and useful.
Libra can be connected using Bluetooth 5.1, which supports gesture control, such as zooming in or out or scrolling up and down the page. Since trackpad gestures are not native to iPadOS, they must figured out some ways to address the issue of gesture addition.

The Libra keyboard is also practically pledged. It will have the same shape and size as Apple's previous-generation MacBook Pro, such as the scissor-foot keyboard structure and backlight. A line of iPadOS function keys will be attached to the keyboard to adjust the backlight brightness, volume, and more.

Libra includes two USB-C ports, one is for charging itself, the other is for the purpose of giving your iPad some juice. Battery wise, with a capacity of 4000 mAh, the keyboard should be good for 200 days of usage.

The abstract gizmo is compatible with Apple's 2018 pro tablets: the 11-inch Pad Pro and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Both devices have the same keyboard and trackpad size, the 11-inch version will be using wrap-around protection, and the 12.9-inch version will include a simpler clip-on magnetic rear case.

Sentis Libra is currently running crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Early backers will get the product in January of 2020. The Super Early Bird cost will be US$ 89 and the usual retail price maybe US$ 109.

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