2020 iPhone Rumors To Include Wider Antenna Lines, Smaller Notch, & No USB-C Port

Apple is testing various Face ID prototype devices, according to Ben Geskin, this indicates that next year's iPhone's notch will be smaller. Geskin revealed last month that one of Apple's 2020 iPhone was a 6.7-inch notch-less model. Prophesied already by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that next year the company will bring a new design to its iPhone models.

In addition, Geskin also mentioned that in 2020, the iPhone will support 5G networks, and the antenna band on the device will be wider, more precisely, more than 1 mm. The materials that Apple is going to use on the antenna band could either be glass, ceramic or sapphire.

Finally, Geskin said that Apple's ultimate goal is to drop the lightning port and fully embrace wireless charging, which means that the 2020 iPhone lineup won't include the high-anticipated USB-C connector.
Apple is testing a few Face ID prototypes with new optics, some are smaller in width, some are narrower to fit in the top bezel.

2020 iPhone prototypes include wider antenna lines (>1mm) for 5G ⚡️

Instead of plastic lines it will use a new material (glass, ceramic or sapphire)

Apple long-term plan is to get rid of the Lightning port for the Wireless charging and data transfer (UWD technology - 480Mbps (USB 3.0) speed at 3 meters, 110Mbps at 10 meters)
Geskin has previously illustrated the picture that imagines what could a notch-less iPhone be look like, which exposes the various components that are placed in the notched area would instead locate in the thin bezel, including infrared cameras, floodlights, point projectors, proximity sensors, ambient light sensors, speakers, microphones and the front-facing camera.

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