AirPods Pro Gets Zero Repairability Score From iFixit, Same As Previous Two Versions

Apple on Monday unveiled its most expensive wireless headphone yet, "AirPods Pro", priced at $249. Now, iFixit did a teardown of AirPods Pro and found out that it has a fixability score of 0, the same as the previous two generations of AirPods, while also shared what has been changed internal wise.

IFixit points out that the weight of each AirPod Pro earbud is 5.4 grams, weighs more than one-third that of previous AirPod versions. Also, heavier is the new charging case (45.6 grams), as the original case only weighs at 38 grams.

The repair site also found that the pin battery in the previous "AirPods" was replaced by a button-type battery for each AirPod. IFixit figured out that this could be the same as the Samsung Galaxy Buds (replaceable) battery. But unfortunately, to installing the battery, Apple employs a soldering technique.

As iFixit said, it's clearly confirmed that AirPods Pro's repairability has not improved in comparison to the previous generation due to the dimension and manufacturing process. It can be seen that in case of an accident, the best solution is to contact Apple's official Apple Support service to schedule an appointment.

Apple's updated AirPods support document shows that AirPods Pro is more expensive to replace, but battery service is the same as AirPods. Furthermore, if you lose or damage the AirPods Pro, it is going to end up costing $89 to replace each, totaling $178 per pair, while Apple will charge you $49 when a battery service is needed for your AirPods.

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