AirPods Pro Reviews: "Better Than Expected"; Cost $179 To Replace A Pair Of Them

Many YouTube reviewers has released the first batch of AirPods Pro unboxing and review videos, with most of them praise the sound quality and Active Noise Cancellation feature of the AirPods Pro.

For example, Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, says that AirPods Pro's Noise Cancellation capability is comparable to that of the new Beats Solo Pro and beyond his expectations. While others like iJustine touts she is “way more impressed than I thought I was going to be,” and suggests that it's even more comfortable to wear than the AirPods.

iJutine's video also goes into details how the ear tips are changed, and how the so-called Ear Tip Test works. While MKBHD claims that due to the new in-ear tip design, they fit much better compared to previous generations.

From what reviewers are saying, the AirPods Pro is a worthy upgrade from previous generations, but it also comes at a cost, as the in-ear wireless earbuds retail for $249. And if you lose or damage them, it is going to end up costing $89 to replace each, totaling $178 per pair, as stated by Apple's "AirPods Service and Repair" webpage.

There is, however, a coverage plan if you damaged the AirPods Pro, for those who have purchased the AppleCare+ for Headphones, obviously. The plan costs $29 in advance, plus a $29 service charge to replace a pair of damaged AirPods Pro or their case. This coverage is good for a period of up to two years but it is limited to two incidents and it does not cover lost or stolen AirPods Pro.

Apple on Monday unveiled the new AirPods Pro with a fresh design that supports Active Noise Cancellation and introduced the Transparency Mode. AirPods Pro is priced at $249, and can be ordered right now at

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