Apple Releases Updates For Midwest Apple Maps

Photo via Macrumors
Apple rolled out Maps updates to the Midwest in the United States. These changes were added after they renewed the Northeast United States a few months ago. The company is expected to roll out these significant Maps updates with updates on the landscaping, water, and other details in the entire United States by the end of the year.

To begin with, the states that got these enhanced maps include West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and northern Illinois. The changes portray more details in its landscape, which include sports fields, parking lots, trails, parks, hills, pools, bodies of water and foliage.

Next, Apple first rolled out these types of enhanced maps when iOS 12 was in its beta testing stages last July. They introduced these maps improvements in the Northern California area, then expanded it to the rest of California a few months after iOS 12 was released to the public. Then in April earlier this year, Las Vegas, NV and many other surrounding states such as Arizona and New Mexico. Additionally, it helps iOS users get more relevant information when finding map data from search results and to make it easier for users to see places more accurately.

The map data is then collected from Apple’s vehicles, which often have cameras and sensors equipped in it with the Apple Maps logo on it. These vehicles were also used to collect data for the Look Around feature in iOS 13. However, Apple has already predicted from WWDC 2019 that Apple Maps should be updated for the entire US by the end of the year, which is true as the company is almost done with updating the details of the maps. Besides the updates to the Midwest maps, Apple has already added Look Around support in the city of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County as well. The company is continuing to update its maps day by day, from today to tomorrow.

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