How to Use Compass on Apple Watch Series 5 And Later

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Apple Watch Series 5 comes with a new feature that doesn't require iPhone connectivity, WiFi or cellular data. This app is called Compass which functions like an iPhone compass. Compass uses the magnets in the Apple Watch to point where you are heading. Here's how to use this all-new Apple Watch app.

Before using the app, here are some precautions to follow. Certain Apple Watch bands from Apple and third-party companies contain magnets, which include the Milanese Loop, Modern Buckle, Leather Loop and Sport Loop bands released before September 2019. These magnetic components in these bands may affect the accuracy of the compass while the app is used. If you want the compass to give out a truer northern direction in the app, go to Settings on your Apple Watch, tap on Compass then turn on True North. Apple Watch uses the magnetic north by default in the Compass app. On the other hand, this feature is only available in the latest Apple Watch Series 5.

Now, open the Compass app on your Apple Watch. From the screen, it shows the direction where the top of your Apple Watch is pointing to, with the bearing in the top-left corner. Rotate the Digital Crown to see your elevation, incline and GPS coordinates.

If this is your first time using the app, your Apple Watch will ask you to grant permission to Location Services. If you want the app to access your location and give out the GPS coordinates for your location, tap on While Using the App to allow location access. Otherwise, if you prefer to set this up at a later time, you can go to the Settings app on your Apple Watch, tap on Privacy, then Location Services and tap on Compass. Turn on the location services by tapping on While Using the App from Never.

The compass can be used in any direction in many other ways. This consists of placing your watch flat on the surface and aligning it with the crosshairs on the screen in the center of the compass. The red cone surrounding the compass needle shows the accuracy of the heading that moves when you change your location. Force Touch the screen to set up the bearing and then use the Digital Crown to adjust it.

Therefore, this new feature for the latest Series 5 Apple Watch is perfect to see your direction, elevation, coordinates and incline on your wrist. It doesn’t require your iPhone, cellular data or a WiFi connection, as it employs the GPS components and its magnets to see wherever you’re going to. In addition, you can view the compass at any time by adding it as a complication to your Apple Watch faces so you won’t omit a single step you take.

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