Apple: 50% Of All Devices Now Running On iOS 13; 33% On iPadOS

Apple has finally posted its first official stats for iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 adoption. According to them, iOS 13 is now installed on 55% of iPhones and iPod touch that are introduced in the last four years, while 41% of iPads from the past four years have upgraded to ‌iPadOS, a new operating system that is designed for the iPad platform.

In fact, Apple states that 50% of all iPhone and iPod touch devices are powered by iOS 13, while 41% are running iOS 12, with 9% of devices still stayed on an earlier version of iOS. As for iPadOS, 33% of all iPad devices are running the system, followed by 51% on iOS 12 and 16% on earlier releases.

Surprisingly, when compared to iOS 12, the entire user base of iOS 13 is identical to the predecessor, at 50%, though 13 have slightly higher percentage rate when it comes to installing base of the devices that are introduced in the last four years, 55% versus 53%

The major reason that people are updating to iOS 13 due to the fact that it brings the long-awaited Dark Mode to users, revamped Reminders app, Google Maps Street View-like Look Around feature in the Maps app, a new Sign with Apple option, an updated Photos app that added many editing tools, and much more.

Despite Apple promised iOS 13 would bring smoother experience, plenty of bugs still showed up from time to time, while Apple did a much better job in the iOS 12 cycles, where we hardly saw Cupertino so frequently rolling out as many as five updates in less than a month after the official release.

Apple is currently testing iOS 13.2 beta, as a matter of fact, they just released the third developer beta of the build today.

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