iOS 13.2 Developer Beta Changes and Features!

iOS beta testers, it’s the time to update your iPhones for the second time of the week. A day after iOS 12.1.2 was publicly released, iOS 12.2 developer beta is here. There are many significant changes in this iOS update.

First goes to Announce Messages with Siri, which returned back to iOS in this beta version. This feature allows users with AirPods 2nd generation or later or wireless Beats headphones to have their messages read aloud to them, from many third party messaging apps and the Messages app. Siri never interrupts users when the feature is used. Instead, the virtual assistant listens to the user’s reply to the message being read aloud regardless if “Hey Siri” is used.

Next goes off to a new way of collecting analytics from iPhones and iPads. This feature is named RESEARCH, which requires the user to install the app from the App Store. The RESEARCH app collects data based off iPhone sensors and motion sensors to improve Face ID and health features. This includes the accelerometer, light sensors and many other iPhone sensors. Currently, the app is not available in the App Store but will come out when iOS 12.2 finally releases.

Third, goes to the AirPlay and Handoff settings. Now both of these settings are taken over in the Handoff section with AirPlay settings in it. A new setting named “Transfer to HomePod” allows iPhone users to put their iPhone on top of the HomePod to transfer the song that’s currently playing on the HomePod. On the other hand, there is another AirPlay setting that allows users to prevent devices from mirroring via AirPlay to TVs.

Fourth of all, the volume slider in Control Center now corresponds to the audio device connected to the iPhone. The icon now matches to both the volume bars in Control Center and in iOS, which portrays an AirPods icon, Beats icon, speaker icon or a headphones icon.

Lastly, a rumoured AirPods 3rd generation icon shows up in the iOS 13.2 beta’s accessibility assets folder in the coding. It comes with noise cancelling and an ability to become hearing aids for deaf people. The noise cancellation feature is supposed to be used with the Live Listen feature, which uses your iPhone microphone to pick up sound from the user’s surroundings.

iOS 13.2 introduces many new ways to give more feedback on iOS software, let users hear their iMessages being read aloud on their AirPods and distinguish which device is playing the iPhone’s audio.  iOS 13 is the most powerful software Apple has been developing for many years to come.

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