Luna Display Takes On Apple's Sidecar Feature With Its New Mac-to-Mac Mode

Luna Display, the company that invented a device that turns your iPad into a secondary display for your Mac but later got Apple to "clone" the feature in macOS 10.16 Catalina, has introduced a new Mac-to-Mac mode today that enables any nearby Mac to be used as a display for another Mac. 

This can be implemented on any Mac, whether it's a MacBook Pro, iMac or MacBook Air, heck you can even hook it up to your Mac mini to render your MacBook the primary display. As Luna Display has described: "finally you can give purpose to your old Macs lying around. No need to have any idle devices! The combinations are nearly endless."

A usage scenario could be like:
For example, if you have an iMac at your office, and a laptop that moves with you between work and home, pair your laptop with your iMac when in the office to make use of both devices. Or if you’re just working from home, pair your laptop to your iMac or Mac Mini and harness the power of those super computers from your comfy sofa. Get yourself a snack in the kitchen without having to miss a beat when your co-worker sends you a funny dog GIF! The possibilities are endless!
Mouse, Trackpad, and Keyboard are supported on both Macs, furthermore, OS X El Capitan or a newer system must be installed on the primary Mac, while OS X Mountain Lion or newer system is obligated for the second Mac. It is essential to connect both Macs to the same WiFi or Ethernet network

Users will be asked to buy a Luna Display adapter and tether into a second Mac to use the Mac-to-Mac feature. The USB-C port and DP adapter for Luna Display priced at $69.99, with a 25% discount when purchasing it from today to tomorrow.

A guide for how to setup Mac-to-Mac mode has also been shared, you can read about it by clicking the link.

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