The One And Half Decades-Old macOS Bug That Apple Decided Not To Fix

We now finally know why the audio balance of the macOS channel suddenly drifts to the right or the left! It's a bug directly tied to the volume keys and CPU overload that's causing it. What's more shocking is the fact that the flaw has been the system since the days of OS X 10.2, indeed, more than 16 years ago.

Now let's talk about how to trigger the bug, which is somewhat simple, because all you need to do is pressing the volume up or down keys repeatedly under the high load of the processor, and it should, therefore, cause the audio balance to be changed.

Online discussions can be traced back to this blog at that was published way back in 2006 when the blogger was pondered why the audio balance of Mac OS X 10.4 is having unrequested shifts. Then a real answer has come into his perspective:
In some cases the audio balance may unexpectedly drift towards the left or right channel. This can happen if you rapidly press the volume up or down keys while the computer's microprocessor is under heavy load.
Although Apple hasn't patch such a bug even now in 2019, there is an open-source app that is a workaround. It watches for balance changes and centers immediately, and we would like to recommend you to Download it now.

So have Apple discovered it? Yes. Could they fix it? Yes. Then why didn't they fix it? We do not know.

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