Apple Music's New Feature Let You See The Music You Listened To Most In One Year

Apple Music has today introduced a feature that should please many of its subscribers, that is, the ability to take a look at the music that they listened to most in 2019 as well as in the previous four years. something that Spotify's Wrapped has offered for many years. (Via TechCrunch)

Called Replay, the feature is essentially a collection of playlists showcase aggregated top songs of the year, it dates as far as 2015, when Apple Music first launches. Replay playlists can be added to your personal Apple Music Libary, so you can share the playlists with your friends and family members.

However, unlike the Wrapped from Spotify, Apple Music patrons will receive Replay playlist each Sunday with new songs and data insights to analyze each person's music taste, indicating Replay will stay up to date during the year, adapting and unfolding as a person's musical preferences:
But while Spotify’s Wrapped is more of an annual retrospective, Apple Music Replay will continue to be updated all year long, evolving as your musical tastes and interests do throughout the year. The playlist and its associated data insights will be updated on Sundays to reflect subscribers’ latest listening activity, says Apple.
The Replay is still in the early stage of rolling out, so it might not be available to every user just yet. If you want to try out the feature, go to While it should be accessible to the web, in the Mac Music app, and the Music app on iOS devices soon.

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