iFixit Tears Down the Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Image via iFixit
iFixit did an X-ray tear down of the iPhone 11 Pro Smart Battery Case, which includes wireless charging and a camera button. They found dual ribbon cables underneath the camera button and the interesting characteristics of the iPhone battery case. Here’s what they discovered through the lens of an X-ray, on an iPhone accessory.

First, there are no buttons concerning the camera on the iPhone itself. iFixit states that the camera button sends the camera commands via the dual ribbon cables running from the button to the circuit board located at the bottom of the case. This means that the case is a Lightning accessory as well; it is used to launch the Camera app and take pictures on the iPhone 11 Pro and allows the use of many different Lightning accessories. The repair-oriented company first thought it wirelessly sends the action to the iPhone, but it is controlled by a cord underneath the button.

Next, the camera button on the iPhone 11 Pro battery case also requires a little bit more time to activate the Camera app and shutter. iFixit reports that the button is also slightly recessed in the case, which prevents iPhone users from accidentally taking photos and opening the camera app. It also eliminates the need to use the volume buttons to take selfies and photos easily on the iPhone.

Last goes to the wireless charging coils, which is used to wirelessly charge the iPhone 11 Pro and the battery case. The battery capacity of the iPhone case is divided into 2 different cells like inside an iPhone X or later. It has a capacity of 10.9 Wh (watt-hours). iFixit said that it is interesting to see Apple cram in the wireless charging coils and the camera button components into one, large battery to charge an iPhone.

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