Users Report iOS 13.2.2 Drain Battery Much Faster Than On iOS 13.2

Although Apple's latest iOS release, iOS 13.2.2, resolves the issue where iPhone and iPad users report their devices frequently killing the background, causing app reloads; it also brings a new troublesome: battery drains much faster than on previous updates:

Originally discovered by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes of ZDNet, where he found that iOS 13.2.2 manages to make the battery life of the iPhone gone from great to terrible. However, he claims that such issue is not present on the iOS 13.2, while adding that this problem also affects the iPad, but the standby battery performance is fine.

ZDNet said that this flaw doesn't give off an impression of being restricted to a particular app, but rather an across the board issue throughout the operating system. Comparative results were discovered when testing iOS 13.2.2 on numerous devices. Similar complaints can likewise be found on Twitter like this one:
This latest iOS has a lot of issues at present even though its updates run to 13.2.2.  Battery management is poor, so wish I held at iOS12, iPhones weren’t great for battery, but now full charge to 67% in 2 hours.  Yet Battery Health says 86%.  
It's unclear if Apple already knew this battery drain issue, but, if they do, we should expect a software update real soon.

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