AAPL Best Annual Performance In A Decade, Approaching $300 Mark

In the first trading day after Christmas, Apple closed up 1.98%, refreshed the closing high. And today, AAPL opened at a share price of $293.56, approaching the $300 milestone, continuing the trend of record historical highs, the iPhone maker is on track to achieve its best annual performance in a decade.

Preliminary data indicates that Apple had a solid holiday shopping season, according to an Evercore ISI survey, their products—especially AirPods and iPhones—are referred to as "must-have" items on consumer wish lists. Furthermore, Counterpoint Research claims that iPhone XR outsold every other smartphone each quarter since launch in September of 2018. Sure enough, these factors have prompted the stock price of Apple to triple.

As of Thursday, in the 18 trading days of the month, Apple has dropped in only five days. The growth so far reached 7% in December. As the largest market capitalization company in the U.S., the growth this year has grown to 80 percent, and the market value has expanded by approximately $530 billion.

Nearly 10 years ago, as the stock market recovered from the Financial Crisis, Apple managed to gain 150% in 2009. However, this year, AAPL gained more than 80% in value during the course of the year.

The gains from the firm in 2019 comfortably outperformed the roughly 30 percent hike from the S&P 500 and also outscored other large stock gains. This year, Microsoft is up over 55%, while Amazon is up about 23%, less than a third of Apple's gain.

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