Apple Will Make First Appearance At CES In 28 Years To Talk About Privacy

Apple will make a return to the Consumer Electronics Show next year to talk about consumer privacy.  CES 2020 is set to kick off on January 7, and noted that this is also the first time Apple has reappeared at the trade event since 1992, according a report by Mark Gurman and Edward Ludlow of Bloomberg.

Jane Horvath, Apple's high ranking privacy officer, will speak at the "Chief Privacy Officer Roundtable" at CES. The CES agenta indicates that the focus of the discussion will be on regulations, large-scale consumer privacy, and more.
Privacy is now a strategic imperative for all consumer businesses. “The future is private” (Facebook); “Privacy is a human right” (Apple); and “a more private web” (Google). How do companies build privacy at scale? Will regulation be a fragmented patchwork? Most importantly, what do consumers want?
The roundtable will be hosted by Rajeev Chand, Research Director at Wing Venture Capital, Facebook Privacy Manager and Procter & Gamble, as well as commissioners from the Federal Trade Commission will also participate.

The company, though, did not make an official appearance at CES last year, but it has placed privacy-conscious billboards throughout the host city Las Vegas during this time. According to Bloomberg, this is Apple's first formal appearance at CES since 1992, when it introduced the failed Newton device.

At CES 2019 earlier this year, Apple did have met privately with tech media to showcase the upcoming HomeKit technology. However, the iPhone maker does not have a formal booth or any kind of public place.

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