Here Is Our Tidbits Roundup On Mac Pro And Pro Display XDR

Apple's long-awaited Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR finally made available for purchase at yesterday, with both of them represent the company's most sophisticated tools for professional users and will forever change professional workflows. Below, we have roundup tidbits about the two machines.

1. Clean Your Apple Pro Display XDR:

Apple have specifically released a new Support document that explains how to keep the display clean, including standard Pro Display XDR and matte coating with nano-texture Pro Display XDR. When users purchase Pro Display XDR, an Apple Cleaning Cloth is included in the box, which is an integral part of the cleaning process.

For the standard Pro Display XDR, the instructions are simple. Users can use polishing cloth that Apple provided or any other "clean, dry microfiber cloth" to wipe the dust and smudges off the display. And if additional cleaning of the glass is required, it's recommended to use a "little amount of water".

However, for Pro Display XDR with a unique nano-textured matte coating, Apple warns against using non-Apple cleaning cloths to clean nano-textured glass, and not using water or any other liquid. If you lose the included polishing cloth, you can contact Apple to order a replacement polishing cloth.

2. Logitech's 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam for XDR

Apple’s new Pro Display XDR, which starts at $4,999, has many features and high-end specifications. Unfortunately, it lacks a unique webcam for video calls. Logitech, however,  filling the gap on the spec sheet by launching a 4K Pro magnetic webcam specially created for XDR. The accessory retails for $199.95, and can be purchased on Apple's online store.

The webcam allowing users to communicate, collaborate, and record at extremely sharp 4K UHD resolutions. Advanced HDR technology ensures sharp, vivid colors, while RightLight ™ 3 technology automatically adjusts the camera in low-light and direct sunlight environments. The sturdy magnetic bracket can be easily fixed and remains stable even when tilted up or down.

In terms of technology, the Logitech 4K Pro magnetic webcam supports up to 4K video streaming and has two integrated microphones that support noise cancellation. The entire product is treated with Apple-style anodized aluminum to match desktop and professional displays. Alternatively, it can be connected directly to a Mac Pro or 16-inch MacBook Pro using the included data cable.

3. MKBHD: Mac Pro is "Hilariously Fast"

An unboxing and first impression video shared by tech YouTuber MKBHD demonstrates that the new Mac Pro is "hilariously fast", such as processing a 5 minute 8K video, where the MacBook Pro takes 20 minutes, the iMac Pro takes 11 minutes and 56 seconds, and the new Mac Pro only takes 4 minutes and 20 seconds. At the same time, the top tech YouTuber said that the new Mac Pro's cooling system is excellent, and there will be no noise when fully loaded.

4. AMD Introduces Radeon Pro W5700X GPU for Mac Pro

AMD introduced a new Radeon Pro W5700X GPU that is optional for those who are considering to get hands on the Mac Pro. AMD said that the Radeon Pro W5700X GPU is designed to help Mac Pro users easily complete all types of professional visual content creation.

AMD said that this graphics card uses AMD RDNA architecture to provide workstation-class performance, suitable for rendering, 8K video playback, video editing, and compute-intensive tasks.

AMD Radeon Pro W5700X GPU is equipped with 40 computing units, 9.5 TFLOPS theoretical single precision (FP32) floating-point performance, 32GB GDDR6 video memory, and up to 448 GB/s bandwidth.

Currently though, Apple has not listed the W5700X option on the website, but they have stated that it's "coming soon".

Image Via The Verge

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