iOS 13.3 Restores Some Third-Party Wireless Chargers To Faster 7.5W

Recently, Apple released the iOS 13.3 update. One of the updates is fixed the issue that some wireless chargers may charge more slowly than expected. In fact, through iOS 13.3, the company has too lifted some 7.5W wireless charging restrictions, instead of limiting them to the 5W charging rate.

According to the analysis from the charging-oriented website Chongdiantou, third-party wireless chargers that had previously been capped to 5W charging performance under iOS 13.1, after updating to the newly-released iOS 13.3, many of them were indeed boosted including the 7.5W wireless charging rate was restored again.
Chongdiantou measurement: a well-known domestic smartphone brand's third-party wireless charging, under iOS 13.1, the rate of charging an iPhone will be downgraded to 5W. After updating to iOS 13.3, the iPhone XS Max again supports Apple's 7.5W wireless fast charging (the input is about 9.6W, and after efficiency conversion, the wireless charging power finally reaches Apple's 7.5W level).
On iOS 13.1, users have reported that 7.5W is still available using Qi charging pads from companies such as Belkin, Mophie, and Anker.

The issue was first spotted by Hong Kong tech blog ChargeLab, who claims that their analysis determines that, in iOS 13.1, Apple only allows 7.5W charging for solutions using fixed-frequency voltage regulation, supported by Apple, products that use all the other solutions will be limited to 5W charging only.

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