iPhone 11 Ranked Fifth In Google's 'Year In Search' List For 2019

Google shared the "Year in Search 2019" lists today. Globally, the iPhone 11 ranks fifth in the number of searches in 2019, a mid-end smartphone from Apple that's $50 more affordable than its predecessor㇐iPhone XR, but made several advancements in camera, processing power, and more.

Expanding on that, in terms of search interest by region, which Google defines as "see in which location your term was most popular during the specified time frame, the top five were United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Qatar, Hong Kong, and Ghana.

On a worldwide scale, the top four searches in 2019 were India vs South Africa, Cameron Boyce, Copa America, and Bangladesh vs India.

HBO's popular series Game of Thrones claimed the #6 spot, while the seventh-place goes to Marvel's blockbuster Avengers: Endgame and the eighth place belongs to DC's Joker, placed the ninth is Notre Dame, and the Cricket World Cup finishes the tenth spot.

In the US, however, the top search is the highly-anticipated Disney+ streaming service, whilst the iPhone 11 ranks ninth.

Except for iPhone 11, there is no smartphone on the list. It's worth to note that Apple released the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max in September this year.

Here is the "Google — Year in Search 2019" video shared by the search giant.

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