Aged Well: Apple's New AirPods Pro Works With The 10-Year-Old iPhone 3GS

While Apple's ultra-popular wireless earbuds AirPods Pro just came a few month ago, that doesn't mean it won't work on older iPhone models, such as the 10-year-old iPhone 3GS, whereby the AirPods Pro connects to the phone flawlessly, as it only require a Bluetooth connection.

Twitter user Zed, a former Apple Store Genius, said that AirPods Pro can be paired and used perfectly with iPhone 3GS, and wait for it: active noise cancellation functions too! It confirms, therefore, that the noise cancellation feature of AirPods Pro is directly linked to the hardware of the headphones and has nothing to do with the iOS.
Ya’ll don’t care, but AirPods Pro work flawlessly with iPhone 3GS. I was worried active noise cancelling wouldn’t work, but you can still cycle through all the modes by pressing and holding the stem.
iPhone 3GS is the third-generation iPhone. It was introduced on June 8, 2009, at the WWDC 2009, and discontinued in 2012. The latest supported system version of iPhone 3GS is iOS 6.1.6, which was released on February 21, 2014. 3GS is know for the additions of video recording, a compass, and the first iPhone with a system-on-a-chip.

That being said, if you happen to own some retro iOS devices, well, lucky you, because you don't have to think too hard that it won't work with your toys.

Image Via Wcctech

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