Apple Announces Launch Of "Apple Watch Connected' Gyms Program

Apple on Thursday announced the launch of a new "Apple Watch Connected" gyms program, a new set of fitness facility partnerships that will make it easier for people with Apple Watches to monitor workouts, buy merchandise, and receive exercise rewards, reports CNBC.

This is Apple's latest fitness feature expansion that helps build an entire ecosystem around the Apple Watch and allows owners more space to use to enhance fitness tracking.

It also brings a seamless infrastructure layer to the top of the stadium, which often includes a variety of third-party devices that don't always speak to fitness wearables that people own.

Gyms can join the Apple Watch Connected initiative for free as long as they meet the criteria, including the use of the iPhone and Apple Watch apps to track exercise offer rewards and benefits, and support Apple Pay. While gyms are also recommended to provide GymKit-enabled equipment to sync you Apple Watch for workout data.

CNBC says that Apple Watch Connected will be starting rollout to Basecamp, YMCA, Crunch Fitness, Orange Theory, and more:
Basecamp will launch Apple Watch Connected to all of its clubs over the next year. YMCA will start with its greater Twin Cities locations this week followed by 22 additional YMCA branches in the coming weeks before expanding further. Crunch Fitness is launching Apple Watch Connected in two Manhattan gyms this week with more coming. Finally, Orange Theory will deploy it in all U.S. facilities in 2020, starting with two Manhattan locations on Thursday.
For more information, head over to the CNBC article.

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