Apple Announces New Resigned Maps Available To All Users In The US

Apple today announced that all users in the United States can now experience a redesigned map with faster and more accurate navigation features and a comprehensive view of roads, buildings, parks, airports, shopping malls, etc. Eddy Cue said in a statement that this is by far the best and most private maps app:

“We set out to create the best and most private maps app on the planet that is reflective of how people explore the world today,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services. “It is an effort we are deeply invested in and required that we rebuild the map from the ground up to reimagine how Maps enhances people’s lives — from navigating to work or school or planning an important vacation — all with privacy at its core. The completion of the new map in the United States and delivering new features like Look Around and Collections are important steps in bringing that vision to life. We look forward to bringing this new map to the rest of the world starting with Europe later this year.” 
Apple in iOS 13 added quite a bit more to the Maps app amongst its last major improvement in iOS 10, for example, the Look Around feature, consists of street-level imagery with smoother, seamless transitions. According to the company, customers from anywhere in the world can now use Look Around to navigate through New York City, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston and Oahu, with many more places to come.

In addition, all of your favorite restaurants, places, and destinations are now in the Collections tab to easily share with your friends and family. There is also a quick and easy navigation to the places one visit every day with the Favorites section, enabling one to simply tap and go once it’s in Favorites on the launch screen.

As with other services, Apple said that privacy is placed into the core of Maps. Any data collected by Maps while using the app, like search terms, navigation routing and traffic information, is associated with random identifiers that continually reset to ensure the best possible experience and to improve Maps.

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