Apple Card Now Supports Exporting Transaction To Budgeting Apps

Apple Card now supports exporting transactions in a CSV file to be used in budgeting apps, as per a report from TechCrunch. Budgeting apps including Mint, Lunch Money, YNAB, and more are in the supported list.

When a monthly statement is available, the option for export transactions is shown. Apple Card transactions are exported in a Share Sheet format in a CSV file, but Apple plans to add an OFX option in the future.

Though, some apps, such as Quicken, accept imports, but it may require file format conversions prior to import, as Quicken does not support CSV files. Also, apps that need API-level integration, eg Plaid or Co-pilot, would still not be able to download content from Apple Card.

To download the monthly payment document, all you have to do is open up the Wallet app, then tap on the ‌Apple Card‌, select the "Card Balance" option, tap on a monthly statement, and select "Export Transactions."

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