Apple CEO Tim Cook to Attend Davos Breakfast with US President Trump

Photo via Vanity Fair
Apple CEO Tim Cook is in Davos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum conference with Donald Trump. He is attending a breakfast meeting with US President Trump. He also met with prime ministers from the countries of Spain, Finland, and Croatia on Tuesday prior to attending the meeting. He and the IBM CEO Ginni Rometty will also collaborate with an upcoming campaign to highlight the multiple ways to get an education.

Cook has also tried to have a cordial relationship with Trump and took him to tour Apple’s corporate campus in Austin, Texas. There have been issues between this relationship with the two, which includes the trade dispute with China and the refusal to unlock a Florida shooter’s two iPhones.

It is unknown of what Cook and Trump said in the meeting. In addition, there has not been enough information about Cook’s discussions with the prime ministers as well, as the World Economic Forum conference is still underway.

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