Apple Ends Flash Support For Safari, As Adobe Plans To Stop Updating It

As early as 2017, Adobe, the company that developed Flash, announced that it would stop updating and distributing Flash in 2020 that once used on hundreds of millions of websites around the world. Now, in the latest Safari Technology Preview, Apple has officially stopped supporting Flash on the entire platform.

In other words, future Apple products may not be able to use the built-in browser for Flash.

Looking back, roughly ten years ago, practically all online videos were loaded using Flash technology. Until now, many small websites still use Flash to load videos.

However, although Flash is quite popular and powerful, there are numerous problems, the compatibility on the mobile terminal is also very poor, and it is extremely resource-intensive. Therefore, Flash has been replaced by HTML 5.

Apple stopped pre-installing the Flash plug-in on Mac machines as early as 2010. Users need to install and download it from the Adobe website. In macOS Sierra, Apple disables Flash by default.

According to Adobe, Flash will completely withdraw from the Internet stage by the end of 2020 and become history.

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