Apple Redesign Jobs Website With Dark Theme: "Join Us, Be You"

Apple today redesigned the Jobs website, adding new designs and new videos. The core slogan of the Career website is: "Join us, Be You". Surrounded by dynamic Apple logos, these dynamic logos were originally designed for the special event held in October of 2018.

To the constant beginners who sing off-key against the beat. To those unfamiliar with convention, unmoved by rules, and reborn with every new discovery. Those open to daydreams and night dreams and visions and mirages. Who can see the millions of shades of green in a field of grass. Whose days are filled with mysteries that cannot be solved with facts. You are more powerful than you think... and you are welcome here.
After the redesign, the page turned black but still shows Apple's various teams, including retail store jobs, student opportunities and Apple's philosophy, and the option to create a profile to help with job search.

The website is now live at

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