Apple Revamps Jobs Homepage with Artistic Apple Logos and New Jobs Video

Apple revamped its jobs website after its last revamp in 2018, with a new video and a new look. The homepage of the jobs webpage includes Apple logo designs inspired by the October 2018 iPad Pro event invitation artwork, consisting of many different designs. There is also a new video with these Apple logo designs being animated, with a spoken word about Apple’s recruitment values.

On the new webpage, the Apple logos change designs every time the page is reloaded on the web browser.  There is also a brief slogan that says, “Join us. Be you.” There is also a button underneath the words that open up the Apple jobs introduction video, which includes the message spoken about Apple’s recruiting values.
To the constant beginners who sing off-key against the beat. To those unfamiliar with convention, unmoved by rules, and reborn with every new discovery. Those open to daydreams and night dreams and visions and mirages. Who can see the millions of shades of green in a field of grass? Whose days are filled with mysteries that cannot be solved with facts? You are more powerful than you think... and you are welcome here.
The phrases that were said in the new Apple jobs video contain a few different metaphors, idioms, and personifications pertaining to creativity, determination, and perception. Apple remodeled the main webpage for all of the jobs that they offer, while they are conveying a message to anyone interested in joining their company by saying to them that they are open to the Apple culture and they can show off their own values and skills.

Previously, the main Apple jobs page feature separate webpages of many different types of Apple jobs from corporate, retail and AppleCare. They also have separate videos of each type of Apple job, job interns and opportunities for college students. The website still has the same job searching webpages from the previous revamp in 2018, including an improved job profile creator for faster applications to Apple jobs. The new Apple jobs webpage can be viewed here.

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