Apple Wants Your Donation To Support Australia's Wildfire Rescue Efforts

Recently, the Australian wildfires have dragged much attention because of their severity far exceeding expectations. And now, Apple and the Red Cross started a fundraising campaign on its website to help Australia overcome the devastating forest fires.

Customers can use their associated payment methods to make Red Cross donations through iTunes and the App Store. Apple does not charge any commissions or fees, and users ’donations will be 100% donated to charities. Users in the United States and Australia can log in to and then find the Red Cross logo at the top, click on it and then it will start to accept donations.

Also, in late December, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced on Twitter that the company would donate to Australia's wildfire rescue efforts. Now, Apple has expanded the donation window to its 1.4 billion users, allowing them to contribute to Australia's wildfire reclamation efforts.

The Australia wildfire, which started in September last year, continues to this day and has been burning for four months. According to statistics, 6 million hectares of land across Australia have been destroyed by forest fires, which is twice the area destroyed by the Amazon rainforest fire in Brazil in 2019 and 8 times the area of ​​California's mountain fire in 2018. 27 people have been killed by the bushfire disaster, 2,000 homes have been destroyed, and 500 million animals have been buried in flames.

Image Via The Mac Observer

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