As iPhone Turns 13, Analysts Expect Total Sales Will Soon Reach 2 Billion

Thirteen years ago today, on January 9, 2007, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs released the first iPhone at the Macworld conference in San Francisco. Although widely acclaimed from the beginning, virtually no one could predict that its total sales will exceed 1.5 billion units in about ten years.

Today, analysts expect that cumulative iPhone sales will reach nearly 2 billion units after the end of the fiscal year (September of this year). According to the average expectation of eight analysts surveyed by BNN Bloomberg, Apple will sell roughly 195 million iPhones in fiscal 2020, up from about 186 million last year. This will make the global combined iPhone shipments to reach about 1.9 billion units.

Previous statistics show that iPhone sales were 1.39 million in 2007, 39.99 million in 2010, and 217.6 million in 2017. As of fiscal 2018, Apple has sold more than 1.5 billion iPhones.

Except, for now, the iPhone business has evolved a lot. Because the global smartphone market becomes more saturated, and Apple still relies on the launch of new iPhones, its business model is increasingly tied to the iPhone ecosystem.

If the analysts' forecast is accurate, iPhone sales this year will be far lower than the iPhone peak sales in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Nonetheless, due to its evolving business model, Apple expects this year's revenue to exceed $ 275 billion, a record high.

Of course, Apple product sales remain the main source of revenue. Among them, the iPhone occupies the largest share. Besides, most of Apple's service revenue growth is also due to the iPhone spread all over the world.

In the past year, driven by Wall Street optimism, Apple's stock price has soared, and the company's market value has swelled by more than $ 600 billion.

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