FBI Again Requesting Apple To Help Unlock iPhones Used By A Mass Shooter

According to a report from NBC, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent a letter to Apple's general counsel Katherine Adams asking Apple to help unlock two iPhones. Investigators believe that the two iPhones are owned by Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, a member of the Saudi Air Force.

The Saudi Air Force member came to the United States as a Saudi soldier to exchange and study in December 2019. In a teaching building at the US Naval Air Base in Pensacola, Florida, he suddenly shot and stabbed US military personnel. According to local law enforcement officials, the outbreak killed three people and injured several others. Arshamrani was shot dead by a local police officer after the attack.

Arshamrani penned a brief statement on Twitter before the crime, condemning the United States as an "evil country."

The report said that the remaining iPhone was password-protected and one of the phones appeared to have been damaged by a gunshot. In response to the NBC News, Apple claims that they have provided the FBI with all the data they have:
We have the greatest respect for law enforcement and have always worked cooperatively to help in their investigations. When the FBI requested information from us relating to this case a month ago, we gave them all of the data in our possession and we will continue to support them with the data we have available.
There was a fierce confrontation between Apple and the FBI. In December 2015, a shooting took place in San Bernardino County, California, causing many fatalities. The police have found the iPhone 5c, the suspect's mobile device Because it was locked at the time, the FBI was unable to bypass the four-digit locking password, so they asked Apple to provide all the phone details. After being refused by Apple, the FBI threatened to sue Apple and demanded the company to establish a special system (aka backdoor) for the Bureau. This prompted Apple to regularly slam the FBI in public while proclaiming its privacy policy. At last,  It is said that the iPhone 5c was cracked by an Israel firm called Cellebrite.

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