Latest On iPhone 2020: SE 2 In March Earliest, 12 Pro To Feature Navy Blue Color

According to Bloomberg, Apple will begin mass-producing iPhone SE 2(9?) in February and release it as soon as March of this year. The design of the affordable iPhone is similar to that of the iPhone 8. The 4.7-inch smartphone retains Touch ID, which means it does not support Face ID, and is featured with an A13 chip and 3GB of RAM.

Rumors refer to the device as iPhone SE 2 and it may be called iPhone 9. It's possible the cost will be the same as the iPhone SE when it released, which is $399.

Bloomberg also reported that Apple has asked chip maker TSMC to ramp up the production of the A13 processor. As iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro models sold better than expected, demand for A13 chip increased. And the iPhone 9 to be launched in March will also use Apple's latest processor.

Noted that the next-generation processor A14 will use a more advanced 5nm manufacturing process.

Max Weinbach on Twitter and EverythingApplePro on YouTube broke the news that a new color is coming to the iPhone 12 Pro (and possibly iPhone 12 as well). According to Weinbach, Apple may abandon the Midnight Green it introduced on the iPhone 11 series, makes room for the "Navy Blue" color.

Previous reports suggested that Apple would mass-produce 75 to 85 million 5 G iPhone 12 phones in the second half of 2020. At the same time as the new iPhone adds support for 5 G, iPhone 12 shipments will once again grow. According to data provided by investment bank JP Morgan last year, Apple is expected to ship approximately 207 million iPhones in fiscal year 2021.

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