Apple Accused A Man Of Stalking CEO Tim Cook; Restraining Order Imposed

Apple has accused a man of stalking CEO Tim Cook as well as other members of the company's management team. A temporary restraining order was imposed against the man in court, CNET reports.

According to a document filed with the Santa Clara County High Court (file dated February 13), an Apple security specialist said the man named Rakesh Sharma, broke into Cook's private home in Palo Alto, California at 10.30 pm on December 4. Security specialists said Sharma crossed the closed door and tried to send Cook "flowers and a bottle of champagne."

Before breaking into a private house, Sharma also left a "disturbing voice call" to another Apple executive, and he also called a technical customer service, claiming that he knew the members' residences. The Indian man had even gone ahead to say that the Apple CEO is apparently a criminal and they will try to kill him.

In a statement issued to CNET, Apple security specialist William Burns said: "Mr. Sharma's continuous and increasingly threatening conduct is causing me and other Apple employees significant emotional distress and gives me grave concern for our personal safety."

The court recently ordered Sharma to stay away from Cook, Cook's private homes, executive teams, and Apple's Cupertino headquarters campus. Interim restraining order to be terminated on 3 March, the day of the hearing.

Image Via The Stanford Daily

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