Apple Launches 'Edge Cache' Service For Faster Content Delivery

In an effort to increase the speed at which users can download content, Apple has recently launched a new content delivery service, Apple Edge Cache.

According to the company, 'Apple Edge Cache' will save user's personal data on a server closer to the user through some technological innovations, thereby improving the user's access experience. Apple's official slogan for this service is "Fast, Faster and Fastest. "

It should be noted that Apple's service is not being launched for ordinary consumers but rather for Internet companies alike. Apple said that the "Edge Cache" is a hardware combination that Apple has deployed to broadband service providers, permitting Internet companies to send content faster to users within the iOS ecosystem.
Your customers deserve the best content delivery experience possible. Apple Edge Cache (AEC) is Apple supplied and managed hardware for deployment within our ISP partners networks to deliver certain Apple content directly to our shared customers.
We've learned that Apple's edge cache system has not yet been rolled out in large areas, but applications from these companies can be sent through Apple's dedicated website. Apple's minimum requirements for external iOS apps include a minimum of 25Gbps of Apple traffic during peak usage.

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