Microsoft Brings Dark Mode To iOS 11/12 Apps With 'DarkModeKit'

Microsoft has officially open sources DarkModeKit, the dark mode library used in Outlook Mobile for iOS. This means that developers will be able to access the dark mode solution and use it in their own iOS 11 or iOS 12 apps, whilst the only premise is these apps will have to be programmed with Swift 5 or later and Xcode 11 or later.

This announcement was made by Head of Product at Outlook for iOS:
We’ve open sourced our Outlook for iOS solution for supporting dark mode for apps on iOS11+. Check out *DarkModeKit* on Git!
Shortly before the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS, Microsoft first launched Dark Mode for Outlook Mobile on iOS devices last August. DarkModeKit, which the software giant uses to make dark mode possible, is now open source on GitHub. It brings a very simple API to integrate it into applications without changing a lot of code, and to apply the dark themes without restarting the app.

This also implies that the repository will run on iOS 11 and iOS 12, not just the latest version of iOS 13, although the ultimate goal of the iPhone mobile operating system is to let users to take advantage of automatic Light/Dark Mode switching to match iOS System Settings.

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