Apple Asks 12K Employees To Work From Home Citing Coronavirus Concerns

An Apple spokesperson confirmed on Friday that the company has asked employees at its Silicon Valley headquarters to work from home as much as possible to prevent from being exposed to the coronavirus, reports Bloomberg.

Apple's headquarters in Silicon Valley is located in Santa Clara County, California, and employs 12,000 people. Both Infinite Loop and Apple Park are located in the City of Cupertino, which is part of Santa Clara.

Santa Clara County government officials have previously asked large companies to consider allowing employees to work remotely and to find other ways to reduce close contact. Local health officials said that as of March 5, the county had confirmed 20 new coronavirus cases.

In addition, Apple has asked Seattle-area employees to work remotely from home, where Amazon and Microsoft also asked their employees to work from home.

A spokesman for the company said Santa Clara County's Apple Stores are still open.

Apple said last month that the spread of the outbreak would cut its revenue target for the quarter ended March and caused the iPhone supply to fall into a shortage.

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