Apple Launches App and Webpage Regarding COVID-19 Outbreak

Image via Apple 
This morning, Apple released a webpage and an iOS app on a self-screening tool for COVID-19. The app is made in partnership with the CDC, FEMA and the US White House Coronavirus Task Force to make coronavirus self-screening for iPhone, iPad and Mac users easy with the latest, accurate information. Apple’s COVID-19 app for iOS devices depicts of the screening tools, recommendations and resources provided by these organisations for users to take proper steps and principles of prevention and what to do if they are infected with the virus.

First, the Cupertino company’s coronavirus webpage and the app use a self-screening tool where users answer questions about underlying health conditions, symptoms, travel history and if they went to a city or county that has widespread cases. After answering the questionnaire, users can view their results and follow the recommendations from the CDC, which is social distancing themselves, self-quarantining, monitoring their symptoms and when to see a doctor for medical care. In the case, this tool should only be used for iPhone, iPad and Mac users for information about COVID-19 and advice for themselves, not to substitute information from the CDC, medical professionals and state or local public health guidance.

Second, besides the self-screening feature in the webpage and the app, there are sections where users can get the latest answers from the CDC about the coronavirus outbreak, instructions for self-isolation, hand washing, disinfecting surfaces and many more. There is also a button that redirects users to Apple News to read news articles regarding the COVID-19 outbreak.

Last, iPhone and iPad users in the US can also ask Siri coronavirus-related questions to get answers and recommendations from the CDC, including the App Store’s curated picks of telemedicine apps. International airports in the United States are also sending notifications to all iPhone users who are arriving in the country to follow CDC guidelines for self-quarantine at home and monitor their symptoms when they return home.

The coronavirus self-screening app and webpage is available for all iPhone users and on the Apple website. It is free to download and is a tool for the most trustworthy resources regarding COVID-19, with the guidance that every user has to follow. Social distancing, washing hands, cleaning iPhones and disinfecting surfaces are all of the things that every Apple user takes to prevent getting infected with the coronavirus.

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